[Vwdiesel] lifesigns, cont'd

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Tue May 2 11:30:02 EDT 2006

YES, Vag-Com is a Godsend for us greasy knuckle crowd.  WIthout it, you 
simply could not roll your own on tdi's.

Regarding the belt whine...  the tensioner is correctly tensioned and 
the teeny hash marks that denote proper tension are aligned?  It's 
normal for the belt to drop in tension a bit whence it starts up, when 
new, retension it with your spanner wrench so it's in the range between 
the two marks.

It should not whine, the belt tension is the most likely suspect, since 
that's the last thing to be touched. Usually it's just tight when it 
whines.  slide it to and fro like you would on the older stuff and see 
what the tension really is.


S. Shourds wrote:
> I got really lucky and the timing was in range when I got it warmed up 
> and fired up the VAG-COM.  I didn't have to adjust a thing.  That 
> VAG-COM is the best thing since home-made unsliced bread.  My concern 
> now is that there's a sound I don't remember.  I have all of the shrouds 
> off, but there's a distinct belt whine or some such sound coming from 
> the belt end of the engine.  I wish I could attach a sound file (or that 
> I had the hardware to do so) so this could be as sound-rich as an 
> episode of Car Talk.  It's audible from the cab over the combustion 
> sounds, the injectors, etc.  Is that just something I've forgotten about 
> since I haven't heard this engine run for two months?  I know the old 
> 1.6TD doesn't make any sound  like that.  I know about what pilots call 
> "automatic rough" when the engine always seems to start making this odd 
> sound just as you start to pass over a large body of water, but this 
> seems awfully loud for "normal". 
> I'm a little worried, too, that the tensioner is slightly looser than 
> what it was when I started it up the first time.  Last time it got 
> looser (albeit a lot more) it was because the lower large roller bolt 
> had failed and the head died 30 miles later. 
> I'll start taking short trips around the block and work my way up from 
> there, but considering my history with this car, I'm more than a little 
> paranoid. 
> -S
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