[Vwdiesel] Rising gas & diesel prices

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Wed May 3 19:42:26 EDT 2006

At 02:37 AM 03/05/2006 -0700, you wrote:
>During the past month, gas & diesel prices have gone up rapidly here in the
USA. I read today that I read today that the Canadian dollar is now worth
.90 cents in USD. The Euro used to be worth a little less than $1 US. Now 1
Euro is worth about $1.40 in US Dollars. Many of the contributers to this
forum are from Canada & Europe. I would like to know if gas & diesel prices
have increased during the past month in your currency or whether this is due
to the decline in value of the US dollar.

In this part of Canada, (Ottawa, Ontario) diesel is about $1:00CDN/Litre,
+/- 5c, Abt $4CDN a US gallon, Taxes incl.

I think taxes amount to a bit more than a third of the cost (would have to
do some research to put a point on it) so with no taxes, it might be about
60c/Litre, or abt $2:40CDN/ US gal.
Your taxes may vary from state to state.

Prices of diesel here have increased about 10% in the past month. Diesel
tends to be relatively steady advancing with smaller increments while gas
prices yoyo up and down as much as 20% any given day, with no defensible reason.

Now that I am running 50% canola, I am enjoying operating costs more like
middle 1990's,
How sweet (smelling) it is.


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