[Vwdiesel] Rising gas & diesel prices

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The wholesale price of Canola was about $1.15 or $1.25 per litre in Ontario
when I checked last fall.  That will only look like a bargoon when diesel
fuel goes appreciably higher and that assumes vegetable oils won't follow.

I guess you are using used veggy oil and that is great for those few of us
that can get a supply of the stuff and have the means to deal with it.

I hope to be doing that myself soon.


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> >During the past month, gas & diesel prices have gone up rapidly here in
> USA. I read today that I read today that the Canadian dollar is now worth
> .90 cents in USD. The Euro used to be worth a little less than $1 US. Now
> Euro is worth about $1.40 in US Dollars. Many of the contributers to this
> forum are from Canada & Europe. I would like to know if gas & diesel
> have increased during the past month in your currency or whether this is
> to the decline in value of the US dollar.
> In this part of Canada, (Ottawa, Ontario) diesel is about $1:00CDN/Litre,
> +/- 5c, Abt $4CDN a US gallon, Taxes incl.
> I think taxes amount to a bit more than a third of the cost (would have to
> do some research to put a point on it) so with no taxes, it might be about
> 60c/Litre, or abt $2:40CDN/ US gal.
> Your taxes may vary from state to state.
> Prices of diesel here have increased about 10% in the past month. Diesel
> tends to be relatively steady advancing with smaller increments while gas
> prices yoyo up and down as much as 20% any given day, with no defensible
> Now that I am running 50% canola, I am enjoying operating costs more like
> middle 1990's,
> How sweet (smelling) it is.
> Sandy
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