[Vwdiesel] vacuum pump

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Sun May 7 12:02:00 EDT 2006

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salex at dsl.cis.upenn.edu writes:

> Any suggestions on what to look at when I open the pump again?  Are some
> rebuild kits better than others?  Is there some other failure which can
> cause the pump to chew through parts?

  First one I did, I put in the new valves that come in the full kit.  
I fought and fought for consistent vacuum.  I finally put the old valves 
back in and they're still there!  A few on the list have had short lives 
on the diaphragm due to some misalignment/adjustment when 
installing the new diaphragm.  I never did so I had a difficult time 
following the difference in precedure.  I'm sure they can pipe right 
up with that solution though!
  Open it up and see if it's a torn diaphragm again.  Othewise its a 
funky valve or something in it.

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