[Vwdiesel] strut cartridge replacement

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sun May 7 22:15:27 EDT 2006

Pam & Doug Boes wrote:
> When replacing strut cartridges is it necessary to put some oil into the
> tube before putting the cartridge in? I've just replaced struts and bearings
> and I have a "Klunk" when hitting certain kinds of road bumps and only on
> the rider's side. The only thing I didn't do was put oil in the tube when I
> was reassembling the strut. I dumped the crud that was in the rider's side
> strut tube because the cartridge had disintegrated and I figured all the
> fluid used to be inside the cartridge. On the driver's side, the worn out
> cartridge was still in one piece, so I didn't turn the tube over to see if
> there was fluid in it. The new cartridge on the rider's side feels tight in
> the tube but the closure nut is not bottomed against the tube (It is about
> 1/8" from touching). Is this OK?

I back fill the strut housing for better shock cooling.  I have had brand new struts get 
"cooked" after some high speed, long distance gravel road driving.  Make sure the strut 
bearing is setup properly:


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