[Vwdiesel] Makes blue smoke when first starting engine in morning.Why?

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I would believe the most likely cause is a dead glow plug or two. The fact
that it only runs rough on the first start of the engine seems to say that
it has a dead glow plug and is starting on 3 cylinders. Bad valve seals also
can let oil collect in the cylinders overnight and cause smoke upon
Brian Decker

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1982 VW diesel pickup.
  Why would the exhaust put out blue smoke and the engine be miss-firing
when it is first started each day? After the engine is warm, during the day
of re-starting, it makes no blue smoke and it does not miss-fire anymore.
  Please help me out if you have had this experience. It is not black smoke,
it is blue and the engine miss fires when the engine is cold and first
  I had the injectors removed and each one checked for pressure and also
tested for a good misty spray.
  What are the possible causes of blue smoke when first starting the engine
in the mornings? 
  What would be causing this problem I am experiencing? Is it rings or can
it be something else.
  I need your input.
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