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Mon May 1 18:26:45 EDT 2006

reason, VW thinks this will sell more cars. What they need to do is sell =
more diesels, & bring the Lupo & Polo turbo diesels that can get up to =
90 MPG! Our  fuel prices might drop below $3 a gallon temporarily but =
bank on $5+ a gallon in the foreseeable future. With peak oil here or =
almost here, with one out of ten Chinese now able to own an auto or =
130,000,000 potential auto owners in China, & 1,000,000 new cars a year =
being sold in India. Well, you do the math. The auto firm who prepares =
to make & sell lots of fuel efficient diesels in this country, & =
advertises diesel's benifits will reap a huge financial reward & the =
others will wonder why their sales are droping like a rock!

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