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James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed May 10 14:23:18 EDT 2006

VW are now selling every diesel car that they can produce worldwide, so 
now other than to satisfy the diesel craving of a relatively few diesel 
fans in the USA and Canada (such as ourselves), why should they jump 
through hoops to satisfy the ravings of a blatantly protectionist 
organization such as the EPA?
If VW changes their stuff to meet regs, they know full well that the bar 
will simply be raised the following year, just as it has been in the past.
I hate to keep chirping about it, but the EPA needs to somehow be 
changed from a political organization, to one more in line with it's 
name.  Right now, they may as well be selling soft drinks, as it would 
be more in line with their stated purpose.


William J Toensing wrote:
>>From what I have read, the Rabbit will be a rebadged Golf. For some reason, VW thinks this will sell more cars. What they need to do is sell more diesels, & bring the Lupo & Polo turbo diesels that can get up to 90 MPG! Our  fuel prices might drop below $3 a gallon temporarily but bank on $5+ a gallon in the foreseeable future. With peak oil here or almost here, with one out of ten Chinese now able to own an auto or 130,000,000 potential auto owners in China, & 1,000,000 new cars a year being sold in India. Well, you do the math. The auto firm who prepares to make & sell lots of fuel efficient diesels in this country, & advertises diesel's benifits will reap a huge financial reward & the others will wonder why their sales are droping like a rock!
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