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Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Thu May 11 00:59:35 EDT 2006

I for the life of me can't understand why they are getting such crappy 
mileage with the new diesel cars, to include the jeep liberty. They 
should be able to get at least 35 to 40 mpg of diesel with the new 
technology. The jeep liberty is reported to get 22 to 25 mpg with the 
diesel, My old cherokee got 25 on the highway, big deal. I bought a 
1981 pontiac gran prix that had a 350 diesel in it in 1982. {remember 
the bad attempt by GM with that converted 350} Anyways, I got around 33 
mpg with that POS for the first 3 years I had it, then it started 
failing like all the other junk 350 diesels did, even the boat MB 300D 
gets better mileage than what these new diesels are getting. If the car 
manufactures would only take the hint from the UK and Germany, we could 
have some really great cars {very, very loosely said}
      On a side note, I had the chemist at work test that diesel secret 
stuff , largely paint thinner with coloring and some minor extraneous 
chemicals that are supposed to make it harder to tell what it is, at 
least thats what the chemist said. The MSDS for the stuff is accurate.
On May 9, 2006, at 10:01 AM, Dan Sloan wrote:

> The Wall Street Journal had an article " Diesel Fuel Powers Up for 
> Comeback"
> this morning.
> The author test drove a Chrysler 300CRD sedan, and got 28mpg in 
> comparison
> to the 22mpg gas model.  Author also noted that VW's US sales were 
> 11.8%
> diesel in 2004, and 14% in 2005.  He noted that VW hasn't outfitted 
> its 2007
> models with technology to meet the new clean air standards and are 
> likely to
> take a hit in sales...also that the 2008 models will offer diesel in 
> all
> mainstream models, including a "new" model: the Rabbit.
> I'm just wondering how its going to differ from the Golf.  Economy 
> model?
> -- Dan
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