[Vwdiesel] supercharging your diesel

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Mon May 15 19:46:15 EDT 2006

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bbaecht at sunflower.com writes:

> So if I'm reading this correctly, you can run 5psi boost w/o adding more
> fuel to the mix?  I.E. not having the extra nozzle in the intake like the
> normal turbo does?  Is 5psi the max w/o extra fueling?  Suppose it depends
> on the EGT?

  Not exactly.  You can add all the boost you want (within reason of 
course) without adding more fuel.  The only thing is that after about 
5psi, you start adding heat that goes up on a curve rather than a 
straight line/psi.  
  There is no extra nozzle anywhere.  The fuel has to be injected at 
basically TDC, inside the chamber.  You don't just dump fuel into the 
intake however I've been told that the orchards newest tractor, a 
100hp TD Landini, has some such silly little line that puts fuel into 
the intake.  Doesn't sound too kosher to me.
  If you add more air and no more fuel, your EGT will actually drop. 
That's how a turbo can actually LENGTHEN the life of an engine 
(especially diesel) rather than shorten it as many believe.

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