[Vwdiesel] close tolerances

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Tue May 16 22:55:09 EDT 2006

  Well, considering that .0025 is wear limit...  You have to argue, demand,
beg, grab them by the scruff of their coveralls and show it to them in black 
and white and then ask nicely.  If you just can't get anybody to do it right 
come over for a visit and I'll manhandle a local shop to do it right for you. 
I have one to do here soon also.  Worse comes to worse, I have a new 
project for the milling machine!  :-o
  If they won't bore it to .001" then tell them you'll settle for .03mm  ;-D
  '77 through 84 Bentley says .001" new and .0025 limit.  '77 - '83 Audi 
Bentley says .0011 new adn .0027 limit.  Says the same thing for 
CIS/turbo CIS engine too.  Doesn't seperate turbo and NA diesel.
  '85 only, Bentley doesn't list specs like normal but does show 
.03mm between new piston and cylinder measurements.  ''85 to '89 
Bentley lists .0012 for new and .0028 as wear limit, ME and MF engines.

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> I think it was Loren who was talking about Cylinder wall to Piston 
> clearance
> with new parts.  Bentley says .001", all the shops I've talked to say
> something different.  Northwest Connecting Rod in Seattle who does lots of
> them says .0025, I can't find anyone who will even do them at .001
> Does anyone know what is for sure correct for a VW Turbo Diesel, using new
> parts?

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