[Vwdiesel] Ultra-Low sulfur diesel fuel mandate

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Thu May 18 17:58:35 EDT 2006

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> An old friend in Kanada reminded me that my mid-80's VW diesels were 
> designed to run on German fuel that was already of a very high standard in 
> cetane and dryness. 

  Dryness should have little to do with it as all fuel has a certain amount 
of moisture disolved in it and pretty well any injector pump is not much 
more tolerant of too much moisture than any other injector pump.  It's 
actually the newer VW diesels (and most newere diesels) that require 
the higher cetane fuels.  Our CK, ME, MF etc engines only have a 40 
or 45 cetane requirement (dont' have the owner's manual handy) but 
nothing high.

He further noted that the addition of small amounts of 
> paraffin wax into the fuel supply is simple and easy to do for the 
> individual diesel owner

  I know at least one list member that tried this had some objectionable 
dirveabilty issues after trying that.  Wasn't for sure decided if it was 
and effect or coincidence but...   If it were that simple, one would think 
oil companies would use it to make "good" fuel out of low cetane stuff.  
Scott's boss somewhere up the line would probably do it if so inclined!  ;-D

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