[Vwdiesel] PCV vents

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Brian beat me to it. The blocked (nearblocked) gauze in the rocker cover can 
cause this effect. Something to do with increased velocity through the 
restriction or summat.
1) Check your blowby by using a piece of paper dangled over oil filler [cap 
off :o)] Rev engine to see if it reduces. If it does then its ballpark 
2) Chizzel off enough of the spotwelds that hold the cover that hides the 
numerous layers of steel gauze that are in the valve cover lid so that you 
can pull them out. Solvents can do this but in the end some of the muck is 
quite resilient. Replace and weld/tack in a few places. You'll see the 

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>I don't know what kind of an oil separator is on a Westy td. On an N/A 1600
>cc diesel in a Rabbit pickup the oil separator is in the valve cover. If
>that becomes clogged you will experience oil blow by. It is very resistant
>to cleaning. Our usual way is to either soak the valve cover immersed in
>carb cleaner ( very caustic ) or sent it to a radiator shop to be hot
>tanked. The plastic cam cover in later gas engines is also a help. I would
>suspect your oil separator has too much gunk in it.
>Brian Decker
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>On 21 May 2006 at 12:46, Shawn Wright <swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca> wrote:
> > Today I got around to installing a 2nd PCV vent in the old mech fuel 
> > location, and ran the hoses similar to Andrew's setup in his Vanagon. I
>came off
> > the valve cover with a 90, then down to T just above the block off plate
>(with a
> > 1/2" fitting welded on). The top of the T has the oil separator that
> > sits on the valve cover on the TD. The line from the VC goes to the side
>of the
> > T, the bottom of the T goes to the block. The outlet of the oil 
> > back up to the intake, in this case a modifed Dodge Caravan airbox. I'm
> > this will fix the problem of oil accumulation on the vent hose. I 
> > thing I didn't expect - there seems to be a slight vacuum from the block
> > and the usual blowby from the VC vent. I expected some output from the
> > which would reduce the amount from the VC a little.
>Well, after only about 1 hr of easy driving, this new PCV plumbing appears
>to be a dismal
>failure. :-(
>The hose leading to the intake had at least a tablespoon of oil pooled in
>the low section,
>much worse than before when the hose went straight off the valve cover. It
>appears my
>rebuild is suffering much greater blowby than I'd hoped - either the rings
>didn't seat well, or
>the bores were just too far gone. In any case, I have no intention of
>tearing it down again,
>since it runs well, and doesn't smoke. I just want to minimize the amount 
>oil entering the
>intake. The main problem is the point where it enters the intake is below
>the output of the
>PCV oil separator, so oil is pooling in the hose, and I get a big cloud of
>blue smoke when
>leaving the driveway. Has anyone tried using an oil separator bottle?
>Shawn Wright
>'88 Westy 1.6TD 5 speed
>'85 Jetta Diesel 1.6NA
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