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Thanks for the info. The VC is pretty clean I think - soaked in solvent when 
engine was rebuilt 3k ago. It also has the Jetta TD plastic separator sitting 
on top of the VC (it is a complete Jetta TD engine). I will check the VC 
screen next time I have it off just to be sure. I notice that when removing the 
PCV hose after a hot run, there is visible oil vapour coming out of the hose. I 
am running on a rebuild with cylinders that were at or near the wear limit, 
just honed and new rings, plus running 15psi boost, so expect this doesn't 

On 22 May 2006 at 21:05, B & R Decker <bdecker001 at centurytel.net> wrote:

> I don't know what kind of an oil separator is on a Westy td. On an N/A 1600 cc
> diesel in a Rabbit pickup the oil separator is in the valve cover. If that
> becomes clogged you will experience oil blow by. It is very resistant to
> cleaning. Our usual way is to either soak the valve cover immersed in carb
> cleaner ( very caustic ) or sent it to a radiator shop to be hot tanked. The
> plastic cam cover in later gas engines is also a help. I would suspect your oil
> separator has too much gunk in it. Brian Decker
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> On 21 May 2006 at 12:46, Shawn Wright <swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca> wrote:
> > Today I got around to installing a 2nd PCV vent in the old mech fuel pump
> > location, and ran the hoses similar to Andrew's setup in his Vanagon. I
> came off
> > the valve cover with a 90, then down to T just above the block off plate
> (with a
> > 1/2" fitting welded on). The top of the T has the oil separator that
> normally
> > sits on the valve cover on the TD. The line from the VC goes to the side
> of the
> > T, the bottom of the T goes to the block. The outlet of the oil separator
> goes
> > back up to the intake, in this case a modifed Dodge Caravan airbox. I'm
> hoping
> > this will fix the problem of oil accumulation on the vent hose. I noticed
> one
> > thing I didn't expect - there seems to be a slight vacuum from the block
> vent,
> > and the usual blowby from the VC vent. I expected some output from the
> block,
> > which would reduce the amount from the VC a little.
> Well, after only about 1 hr of easy driving, this new PCV plumbing appears
> to be a dismal 
> failure. :-(
> The hose leading to the intake had at least a tablespoon of oil pooled in
> the low section, 
> much worse than before when the hose went straight off the valve cover. It
> appears my 
> rebuild is suffering much greater blowby than I'd hoped - either the rings
> didn't seat well, or 
> the bores were just too far gone. In any case, I have no intention of
> tearing it down again, 
> since it runs well, and doesn't smoke. I just want to minimize the amount of oil
> entering the intake. The main problem is the point where it enters the intake is
> below the output of the PCV oil separator, so oil is pooling in the hose, and I
> get a big cloud of blue smoke when leaving the driveway. Has anyone tried using
> an oil separator bottle?
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