[Vwdiesel] PCV vents

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Hi Shawn. 
If the oil separator in the valve cover was coated with gunk enough to be a
problem, soaking in solvent will probably do next to nothing to clean it.
The gunk is baked on to the point it takes extra measures to clean it. The
best way we have found to clean it is to take it to a radiator or machine
shop that has a hot tank. If the paint doesn't come off the valve cover you
aren't liable to have cleaned the wire gauze screen. When we get the cover
back from the hot tank people we paint the outside whatever color we like
and it will now function as new. That is the easy way. If you don't want to
do that I would suggest you follow Marks advice "(2) Chisel off enough of
the spot welds that hold the cover that hides the numerous layers of steel
gauze that are in the valve cover lid so that you can pull them out.
Solvents can do this but in the end some of the muck is quite resilient.
Replace and weld/tack in a few places. You'll see the difference". 

	By the way what is your EGT when you stay at 15lbs of boost for more
than a few seconds. I ran a stock Jetta TD 1600 setup in a 1981 rabbit
pickup and the most it would do is 9 to 10 lbs and if one was on a steep
hill the pyrometer would tell me shortly to back out of the pump and shift
down if I didn't want to fry some aluminum.
Brian Decker

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Thanks for the info. The VC is pretty clean I think - soaked in solvent when

engine was rebuilt 3k ago. It also has the Jetta TD plastic separator
on top of the VC (it is a complete Jetta TD engine). I will check the VC 
screen next time I have it off just to be sure. I notice that when removing
PCV hose after a hot run, there is visible oil vapour coming out of the
hose. I 
am running on a rebuild with cylinders that were at or near the wear limit, 
just honed and new rings, plus running 15psi boost, so expect this doesn't 

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