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Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
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Hi Brian,

Thanks for this info. I never really gave much thought to that wire mesh, so it 
was just soaked in solvent and then brake cleaner before painting the 
outside. I will look at cleaning a spare one and swapping them if I can.

My EGTs were quite high initially - over 1300 with any length of time at 
11psi+. After advancing the timing and reducing fuelling, I was able to keep 
them around 1250 max on sustained long climbs in 4th at 3500-4000rpm. I 
have a 2.5" exhaust with glasspack, which may help. I'm using a small K14 
turbo from an ECO, so it spools much faster than the stock 1.6 turbo, giving 
me 10psi by about 2200rpm, and it will manage 20 if I dial in the wastegate. 
I am in the process of dialling it out to keep boost around 12-13, as I am 
worried that I will shorten the life of my already borderline rings.

On 24 May 2006 at 10:35, B & R Decker <bdecker001 at centurytel.net> wrote:

> Hi Shawn. 
> If the oil separator in the valve cover was coated with gunk enough to be a
> problem, soaking in solvent will probably do next to nothing to clean it. The
> gunk is baked on to the point it takes extra measures to clean it. The best way
> we have found to clean it is to take it to a radiator or machine shop that has a
> hot tank. If the paint doesn't come off the valve cover you aren't liable to
> have cleaned the wire gauze screen. When we get the cover back from the hot tank
> people we paint the outside whatever color we like and it will now function as
> new. That is the easy way. If you don't want to do that I would suggest you
> follow Marks advice "(2) Chisel off enough of the spot welds that hold the cover
> that hides the numerous layers of steel gauze that are in the valve cover lid so
> that you can pull them out. Solvents can do this but in the end some of the muck
> is quite resilient. Replace and weld/tack in a few places. You'll see the
> difference". 
>  By the way what is your EGT when you stay at 15lbs of boost for more
> than a few seconds. I ran a stock Jetta TD 1600 setup in a 1981 rabbit
> pickup and the most it would do is 9 to 10 lbs and if one was on a steep
> hill the pyrometer would tell me shortly to back out of the pump and shift
> down if I didn't want to fry some aluminum.
> Brian Decker
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> Brian,
> Thanks for the info. The VC is pretty clean I think - soaked in solvent when
> engine was rebuilt 3k ago. It also has the Jetta TD plastic separator
> sitting 
> on top of the VC (it is a complete Jetta TD engine). I will check the VC 
> screen next time I have it off just to be sure. I notice that when removing the
> PCV hose after a hot run, there is visible oil vapour coming out of the hose. I
> am running on a rebuild with cylinders that were at or near the wear limit, just
> honed and new rings, plus running 15psi boost, so expect this doesn't help...
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