[Vwdiesel] PCV vents

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Thu May 25 11:19:51 EDT 2006

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> > By the way what is your EGT when you stay at 15lbs of boost for more
> > than a few seconds. I ran a stock Jetta TD 1600 setup in a 1981 rabbit
> > pickup and the most it would do is 9 to 10 lbs and if one was on a steep
> > hill the pyrometer would tell me shortly to back out of the pump and shift
> > down if I didn't want to fry some aluminum.
> > 
> Higher boost does not cause higher EGT's.  Actually the reverse to a point.  If
> intercooled, higher boost is a very effective way to lower EGT's.

Yes, that has been my experience so far...(limited to only a few months of driving with a 
gauge) - highest EGTs of around 1500 (briefly) were easily achieved in a few seconds at 10-
12psi when fuelling was higher and timing less advanced. Now I can run at 15psi for long 
periods and EGT stays around 1200. 

Shawn Wright
'88 Westy 1.6TD 5 speed
'85 Jetta Diesel 1.6NA

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