[Vwdiesel] OT: Kubota 3cyl Diesel tractor-opinions sought

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Fri May 26 17:24:52 EDT 2006

Thanks everyone !
I am trying to get a trailer lined up for tomorrow.
The mower isn't new and I can evidence of past repairs, however I think if
going to be a quality peice of gear, it's worth much more to put a few $$
IT, rather than to sink money into my 20 year old Murray Ride-on which has
been abused
all it's life ! (right?)

IE: you wouldn't dump money into a K-CAR, but you'd put a few bucks into a
Jetta TD, eh?

Mike in NB

Mike, Coreen & Corey Smith
699 Rte 616 Keswick Ridge
E6L 1T1
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  At 07:05 PM 25/05/2006 -0300, you wrote:
  >Pardon my slightly off-topic post, but you guys are the BEST when it
  >to diesels.
  >I have a chance to get what I think is a good deal on a 1998 Kubota Lawn
  >3cyl 18hp, 43.9CI,(719.4cc) diesel.  54" deck, 650hours on the machine.
  >I currently have 2 acres of old farm field to mow. Bumpy and rocky, but
  >mostly flat-ish terrain.
  >I am beating my poor spine to death wtih an old 1988 Murray (MTD)
  >cut right now.
  >What should I do?

  If thats the liquid cooled 3cyl Kubota, its one of the best diesel engines
  ever built. I cant speak for the deck, but a neighbour has a 4cyl kubota
  tractor, loader and backhoe, and it is high quality goods.


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