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Tue May 30 12:02:15 EDT 2006

availability approach to oils and filters.  Cost and convenience.

A couple of cautions: 1. On new engines or after  a rering, use a 
break-in oil.  2. If going extremely extended oil changes, consider
oil analysis.  

Do whatever you are comfortable with.  I find a high comfort factor in
seeing black oil from my VWs, go into a drain pan, and pouring in new stuff.
On a high oil consumption car, I use cheap oil. (The time has perhaps 
past for the high priced spread.)  Trying different oils to try to solve 
a problem (like stuck rings) is just fine.


non-vwdiesel ps: Any ATF gurus on the list?  I'd like to talk with someone about 
changing out ATF on the four Dodge minivans I run in my family fleet.
My thinking is to change with the engine running, and look for 
clear fluid going to the ATF cooler.  I just havn't found bulk 
ATF 4 in 5 gal pails, only 55 gal drums.  Anyone do their ATF changes
this way?

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