[Vwdiesel] ULSD fuel impact on older diesel engines:

B & R Decker bdecker001 at centurytel.net
Thu Nov 2 11:03:41 EST 2006

Hi William
	The 2007 Peterbuilt tractors that the company I drive for in
WA leased this summer to haul their trailers with corn and carrots to the
freezing plant all have 2006 engines in them since there was no ULSD
available. I haven't looked at the diesel pumps in the last month since I'm
not working and my Rabbit diesel pickup is in project mode at the present
time. I have to drive to Idaho this weekend, Bakersfield CA the next and
Indianapolis Indiana the next. I will check what is available on the diesel
pumps just for grins. I will be driving my 88 Audi 5000 Quattro wagon. It's
my winter highway snowmobile.
	I may just stick with my gas rabbit pickup for the time being. More
than twice the horsepower and not much more cost to run than the diesel
Rabbit pickup. If I find a good source of WVO I might do a heated second
tank and run the diesel pickup but with the uncertainty on the cost and
performance of the new ULSD diesel the gas Rabbit pickup looks good for the
Brian Decker
Western Washington

Found this at:


Looks like plenty of ULSD has been sold
as a matter of course in the US
as of June 1, 2006.

I feel like a dummy.

To quote:


Will using ULSD affect my vehicle's performance?

Although engine and vehicle manufacturers expect ULSD fuel to work fine 
with existing vehicles, some older vehicles may have problems with fuel 
system leaks or fuel filter plugging. Check your vehicle's fuel system 
often to avoid these problems. Your vehicle may also get slightly less 
fuel mileage than it did with low sulfur diesel, but there should not be 
any effect on the vehicle's overall power.


I think I have screwed up the cold-start
seal in my injector pump by not paying attention to this.

I have devloped a severe fuel leak..seems to be coming
from the adavance seal.

I figure that the new fuel is less greasy,
therefore, the seals might have shrunk over the last
couple of months or so.

Normally, I have used Lucas additive when fueling up,
but I realize I have forgotten it lately.

I notice that an injector pump rebuild kit is available at:


I also notice that the seller has sold more than a few of these kits on 
eBay recently, and that the buyers are very happy with the purchase.

The leaking injector pump problem must not be unique to my car.

I have ordered the kit, and I will probably have the rebuild done,
since I have not the tools, nor the expertise..
BUT,  I wonder...

...if I give my '85 Jetta
an overdose of Lucas, Marvel Mystery, or 2-stroke oil and
run it for a bit...might the seal get happy again?

Folks..pay attention to those warning signs on the pumps!!!


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