[Vwdiesel] ULSD effect on injector pump... :o{

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 2 05:06:46 EST 2006

This is on my 91 Jetta ECO, now converted to a TD since Giles added the LDA
to the pump. The little K14 really is working hard now if I push it in
traffic. Boost goes up to 15 and holds until I back off. I had it higher but
didn't feel it was worth the abuse since it is such a small turbo and is
inefficient at to a point at those numbers.
If I don't watch my driving style the number usually hangs around 47mpg. But
when I really watch it I have been able to get it to 52mpg.  
Just for something to do and curious as to my smoking, I disconnected the
boost line to the pump. It made a "HUGE" difference in smoke as well as
power. There no longer is a hard pull once I get up in the rpms like there
was when I had the boost line hooked up. I'm going to play around some and
see what my economy is like with it disconnected for a while. I'm curious as
to how much it really will make a difference if any in mileage. I already
know it does make a difference in power.
Is that 91 a TD or NA? I used to get a consistent 55mpg+ (imperial) on my
TD, but my NA 
can barely manage 50 now... :-(


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