[Vwdiesel] 2-stroke oil as diesel additive

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I think the 2 stroke oil is a low ash formulation in which case I don`t see 
where coking should be an issue.  Instead of 2 stroke oil which is somewhat 
expensive I think I`d be willing to try compressor oil which is also low ash 
and cheaper than 2 stroke oil.  I mix about a litre of oil per ten gallons 
of diesel when I add oil to my diesel fuel in the car for lubricity 
concerns.  In the genset I run anywhere from this amount to where I add a 
litre of diesel to ten galllons of oil.


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>> can anyone fill us in about how to aviod injector coking when using the 2
>> stroke as an additive?
>  It shouldn't be a problem.  It's designed to burn clean.
> It really doesn't take much to make a noticeable difference
> in smoke, hot engine idle clatter, power and mileage.  I
> think I use roughly a half pint per 10 gallons.
>     Loren
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