[Vwdiesel] 1.6 stuff on a 1.9 engine

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Last year I bought an 86 Jetta with a 1.9l Long Block with all the
accessories from the 86 TD, the Intake Manifold was modified a little
because of the different shape Intake ports in the Head, I don't know who
did it but it was a very nice runner and everything worked fine, Pump,
Injectors, Fuel Lines ect. All fit and worked good.  Nice combination.


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folks, i just obtained a zero mile 1.9TD long block. I also have a 1.6td eco
diesel engine. 

Before i shell out the big bucks, can i use the 1.6td
intake manifold
exhaust manifold

Or am I better off just getting real 1.9 parts?  

anybody got parts for sale? also need a valve cover.


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