[Vwdiesel] ULSD

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Mon Nov 6 21:29:04 EST 2006

Yes, I related that after a road trip  (during it actually) in the 94- 1.9,
in July, I sprang 2 leaks simultaneously at the pump head, one at the timing
port plug, and the other where an injector line couples to the check valve
on the pump.

On the outbound leg of the trip, about 800 miles, I was burning 50% canola.
At thunder bay,I had to refuel with dino, and noted that the pump was
stickered "low sulphur" and it looked watery like kerosene. After a few days
puttering around Thunder Bay, we headed home, I refilled it once more at
Thunder bay on the way out, and at Sault st Marie the next day.

I was smelling diesel occasionally at stops, but did not get curious until
we pased Sudbury, where wife stopped for some blueberries at a roadside
stand. The smell was quite strong, so I lifted the hood and discovered the
whole front of the engine was washed down with fuel, and quite a visible
spray was coming out of the line coupling.

We continued on to Sturgeon Falls, where a commodius canadian tire store
parking lot was located next to the highway. Went in and bought 2 cans of
brake cleaner, got the tools out of the trunk (Tim has nothing on me) and
set to work.

Hosed down the engine with Brake cleaner, started the engine briefly to spot
the source of the leaks, then, using 2 wrenches, I first cracked and
loosened the offending line coupling, then re-tightened . tightened the
timing plug after cracking it loose too.

No more leaks.

As previously stated, I assumed that the canola had been masking the leaks
before, and that the low sulphur must have "cleaned" the leaks so they could

As soon as we got home the car went back on the canola diet, and nothing new
has happened.

I asked at my local diesel stop today about low S and when it was coming
here. The attendant said they had not heard yet. They are pumping old
fashioned sulphur diesel, and there are no stickers on the pump.... This is
the nation's capital !  Guess the edict does not apply here yet.
Not a big surprise.


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