[Vwdiesel] Looking for Canadian 1.9 Parts

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 20:58:25 EST 2006

Hey all, I am looking for the "vibration damper"
(crank serp belt pulley) and the shim that protects it
from the timing belt of a Canadian 1.9 diesel engine. 
AAZ block.

I was at the mechanic's today picking up the fuel
filter (see previous post...) and he showed me the
crank pulley off a customer's car.  Aparantly, there
was supposed to be a shim that keeps the timing belt
away from the pulley.  On this car, the pulley was
reinstalled by a previous mechanic without the shim,
and now there has been a tremendous amount of wear on
the pulley.  (What was a flat surface now has an
interesting surface that looks like a mirror image of
the crank sprocket.)

Part numbers provided to me by the mechanic, according
to ETKA:

"vibration damper" 029 105 243 A

Shim 028 105 243 T Note: The final letter was
distorted by the copier, but I am also sure it is a
"T".  Also note, ETKA calls this shim "v-belt pulley
for power steering" so I don't even know if this is an
accurate part number or if the error is just in it's

The mechanic conferred with another and both were
surprised that there was ever supposed to be a shim
there, but there sure is supposed to be one.

Supposedly, this setup is used on 1993-1996 1.9L
Diesel engines sold in Canada.

If any of you up North have this sitting around or
know of a source of good used units, I would be very
happy to know about it.



David Cook
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