[Vwdiesel] No Power, bogging down, etc

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 00:27:22 EST 2006

Thanks for chiming in, Sandy!  I think you are right,
and since changing the filter seems to have corrected
the problem, it is almost certain that was the

And it makes sense that maybe it could still filter
out the diesel fuel itself, but not with oil mixed in.

How long do you usually get out of your factory
filters before having to change them?

Do you usually have air in the inline filter? 
Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't, but the engine
doesn't seem to run any differently either way.  


--- Sandy Cameron <scameron at compmore.net> wrote:

> At 09:44 AM 07/11/2006 -0800, you wrote:
> >All-
> >
> >My Cabriolet (w/'81 Rabbit NA motor) suddenly has
> no
> >power.
> >
> My bet: Your main filter is plugged.
> Here's how it happens.
> Over time the media fills up (with used veggie oil,
> the fine, unfilterable
> brow powder that colors the used oil , ash, I
> guess.) and although it may be
> handling straight fuel, or even mix, there is not
> enough "clear" media to
> pass the thicker slug of vegie. 
> If you heated the filter, it would work for a while,
> but in the end , it's
> doing its job , sacrificing itself for the engine.
> You know how that works.
> You could
> A. heat the filterwith a propane torch untill it is
> warm to the touch, but
> as soon as cold oil from the tank hits it, it would
> slow down again.
> B. When this happens to me (twice in last 5 years,
> once on each car), I just
> disconnected it, stuck in a fresh pre-filter
> cartridge in the line, and
> drove home.
> I always carry a couple of the cheap filter
> cartridges in the support box in
> the trunk
> [along with the booster cables, air compressor, tire
> plugs, extra coolant
> and oil, a few hand tools and 3 wire coathangers.]
> Your block heater start works well untill the cold
> veggie hits the
> nearly-plugged filter, then it starts dragging down.
> Some of the veggie-kit people have filter can heated
> by coolant to ease the
> problem and extend filter life.
> A hot engine will run fine on straight veggie, but
> getting it through the
> OEM filter in cold weather is almost
> impossible...unless heated.
> Sandy 

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