[Vwdiesel] HELP - WHEEL FELL OFF !!!

Andrew .Libby libbybapa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 00:31:18 EST 2006

The whole mess makes me sick.  Go get a used tranny and install it yourself
and "accidentally" spill a case of short aluminum roofing nails in their
driveway every time you're in the neighborhood.  Aluminum because they're
non-magnetic and harder to clean up.  I hope they have a non-paved drive...
F*@%ing good-for-nothing b@$%@rds...Oh, and tell everyone you can how they
do shoddy work, break peoples cars and then make the customer pay extra for
the damage they caused...  If I wasn't 3,000 miles away I'd pay 'em a
visit.  What was the name of the shop?  What's the owner's name?


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