[Vwdiesel] Misc '79 Rabbit questions

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 10 13:00:16 EST 2006

Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] Misc '79 Rabbit questions

>  Haven't ever seen a int. shaft break a thrust such that I
> can't even think of what the thrust looks like on one and
> I've seen many!  I'd put in a good, used shaft.  SHOULD
> be able to use one from any 1.6 or even some of the early
> gassers.  Shouldn't be hard to find one though.  DEFINITELY
> do the int. shaft bearings though!!!!!!!!!!  They flake with age
> and you'll have oil pressure problems at the least.

I"ve thrown out more gassers than I car to think about, DOH!!! I'll see if 
Ican dig up a good one somewhere, though.

> file smooth and that's it.  No cracks between the valves
> almost qualifies as rare!  :-)

This I know!!

>  Difference in head gaskets is something like .006"
> (without looking).  Best thing is to measure the piston
> projection on each piston, figure  about what the upper
> average is (they're rarely even) and if you don't have a
> Bentley, post it here and someone will look up which
> gasket you need.

How do I measure the piston protrusion? I don't have a machine shop, just 
the tools to do nearly everything else.

>  Tranny fluid needs to be GL-4.  Dig up a FF five speed
> and put in there while you're at it.  :-)  As a friend put it,
> it eliminates that feeling that you're "ready for take-off"
> while driving down the highway!

Wish I had one laying around. Once again, threw out a few a couple of years 
ago "cleaning up"

>  From what I recall, you just put on the vented rotors
> and matching pads (thinner).  Never found a problem
> with the solid ones though.  Kinda like putting disks
> on the back, nice but does it REALLY make a difference?

Well, on the Jetta, they were smoking and fading badly after a long descent 
down a steep grade. I drive mine like most poeple don't :)  I've put about 
5000 miles on my Jetta in 2 months. I also autocross, and will be using the 
Jetta when it's ready. But, that's another story.

>  Doing all this and only CONTEMPLATING doing the
> injectors???  If they're over 75 to 125K old you'll NOTICE
> the difference.  Most are.  Shop around, I just came across
> injectors for $33 something.  :-)  My WHOLESALE supplier
> wants $62 my cost!!!  A friend got me one for about $35 from
> a former supplier of mine.  :-)
>  With all you're doing there's only one issue.  Pistons.  You
> really should check your bore and if it's worn beyond spec,
> you're putting a lot of money into a worn engine and .0024"
> is the amount of wear that's "allowed."  Pistons are no longer
> available for a 1.5  :-(  There are a few sets floating around out
> there but generally not from suppliers.  I like the 1.5 better
> myself but for that reason a 1.6 to rebuild should at least be
> considered.

If I were contemplating, I'd do a 1.6 at the least. As I am not set up for 
engine work (This is why I like the Audi's I work on) I do not intend to 
tear into the bottom end. I am doing the guide seals, though. I'd love to 
have the head rebuilt, but my income has gone from $2100 (when I bought the 
parts) to $650 (now, different priorities), so I'm a bit unable to do 
everything. I can deal with blowby, etc a bit. I can't deal with a blown 
headgasket or hose on a 2000 mile trip somewhere!!!

>  If you disassemble the head you'll probably find worn guides,
> exhaust valve stems, seats and valve seat faces.  New stem
> seals are a good idea too.  I usually find I spend as much on
> the head as the rest of the engine and I do about all of the
> work on both myself.

See above.

> Is it a yellow dot pump?  (068-130-107 A,
> I think that's right, the last 4 is what counts anyway)  The 1.5s
> REALLY run nice with them but don't forget they time at 1.15mm
> and not .88mm or 1.0mm.

The car will go on a trailer to the local (old school) VW tech, so he can do 
all the timing and valve adjustment for me. Unless one of you wants to make 
a bit extra money. ;-) On that subject, is there a good place to get the 
valve adj tool and shims for reasonable? How often do most of you do yours?

>     Loren

Thanks again, Loren and Nick,

Tony Hoffman 

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