[Vwdiesel] Any way to peek into the engine cylinders?

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Sat Nov 11 08:07:31 EST 2006

You need a flexible boroscope.

Harbor Freight has a cheap one for like... $279



David Cook wrote:
> After the discussions of the use of veg oil mixed with
> diesel fuel earlier this week, I started getting
> curious.
> A couple links were posted showing the possibility of
> all sorts of damage happening when the veg oil is
> simply mixed with diesel fuel.  
> One of the sites discusses some symptoms, such as more
> smoking, stinky exhaust (smelling like burnt oil
> rather than the nice smell often associated with using
> veg oil), the crankcase filling up with oil from
> unburned veg oil making its way in, etc.
> While I recognize valid points, I tend to be a little
> skeptical of those sites because they are all trying
> to sell me a kit of some sort.
> My percieved evidence in my own use is that overall
> smoke is very similar (though maybe a little more at
> startup if the engine has cooled) could be a little
> less once engine is warmed.  Exhaust smells, frankly,
> very nice-makes me hungry sometimes and I've not seen
> any signs of the crankcase filling with veg oil.
> Long story short, I was wondering if there is any way
> to peek inside the engine to see if there are all
> kinds of deposits forming or if it is staying pretty
> clean.  I thought of pulling an injector, but don't
> think that would work because it is injected into the
> prechamber, right?  What about a glow plug?
> I'm not yet curious enough to waste a perfectly good
> and not too old head gasket.
> Is there something I haven't thought of?
> Thanks,
> David
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