[Vwdiesel] Any way to peek into the engine cylinders?

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 11 19:40:10 EST 2006

What little running on UVO diesel mix I probably don't have much of a build
up if any, that is if that happens when you do run it mixed like that. 

Right now I have the opportunity to utilize a borescope from work to look
inside the engine. We have one that cost the Air Force about $40k and can
measure what ever you want it to. We use it to measure damage that we find
inside the jet engines. You view on a video screen and it can capture the
image and save it on a memory disk. Really cool stuff and has saved us a ton
of work as well as caught problems before they became "big" ones.

I personally don't see an issue running WVO diesel mix as long as it is a
50/50 or less mix. I could be wrong but don't see any problems from it.



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