[Vwdiesel] HELP - WHEEL FELL OFF !!!

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Sat Nov 11 17:05:34 EST 2006

> The circlip wasn't sheared in half.  When the ball joint failed the
> shaft pulled out partially until only the tip was engaged and then the
> tip twisted off.  At that point, there was nothing holding the circlip
> in place and it fell off.  It could still be inside the tranny for all
> we know. - Mike

how could the shaft pull out at all without shearing or compressing  
the circlip ??
as soon as that shaft moves out at all that clip is either shredded  
or compressed

this happened SO fast, and wheel kicked so far out and instantly  
bound, alxe pulling so far out that tip of stubby was DEFINITELY  
clear of any splines that could bind it, resting in that inch or so  
of smooth bearing - I really think it is possible that the stubby tip  
survived the first incident

I know you'll say, Mike, that that stubby tip HAD to be engaged with  
splines, by itself, if only for a millisecond or two, and of course  
you're right
but it was definitely only a millisecond or two, and my feeling is  
that there's a good chance it survived that

Rolf in MA

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