[Vwdiesel] '84 Quantum: wiper linkage adrift again

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun Nov 12 02:00:55 EST 2006

If it's the nut, most likely it's a case of proper use of loctite, 
versus the just splosh it on and it doesn't work techique.  Not to 
criticise you man, but I've seen journeyman mechs use it wrong.  To 
apply, you should use a cleaner to ensure that the threads you are 
applying the loctite to are impeccably clean, totally absent of grease, 
oil, etc, anything that would serve as a release agent.  a primer is 
available to finish the job of cleaning and also accelerates the curing 
time, but it isn't necessary.

Same goes for the nut. CLean clean clean.  degrease, electronic contact 
cleaner, carb cleaner, etc...

Apply threadlocker to the threads, install the nut, tighten, let cure 
for the correct time, which varies.  Done right, blue is strong enough 
for most applications.  Not done right, none of it really is.

There are a lot more loctite products than just blue red and green, go 
by the numbers, better to ask for a chart.  I have green stuff that is 
thick and can lock with .018" gap, and I also have green post assembly 
really runny stuff that you use after assembly so it wicks into the 
threads and can only fill a .004" gap.  They all have a purpose.

The idea behind heat is that it turns cured loctite back into a liquid. 
Done correctly, the light grade of blue threadlocker should provide 
sufficient locking force while being able to be broken loose with a hand 
wrench without heat.  Red stuff turns off the fastener.  A propane torch 
or heatgun, or even a lighter is sufficient heat on small fasteners.

Andrew Buc wrote:
> ~7 months ago I posted about the wiper linkage coming unhooked. Someone 
> guessed that the nut had backed off, and this turned out to be true. As 
> of a couple of days ago, I find myself again with the wiper motor 
> running and the wipers not moving. I haven't dug into it yet (will 
> probably do that tomorrow), so at this point I don't know that the same 
> thing has happened again. If it has, I'm wondering why it would.
> I mentioned to the counter guy at a local fastener store that I'd used 
> blue Loctite on the nut last time, and he said I should have used the 
> red stuff. I said it was my impression that if I used the red stuff, 
> I'd have to apply heat if I ever wanted to get the nut off again, and 
> he said that if I used a very small drop of the red stuff, there 
> shouldn't be a problem. I'm also thinking of adding an internal tooth 
> lockwasher this time. Any thoughts on all this? Thanks.
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