[Vwdiesel] FF transmission swap

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Mon Nov 13 10:10:23 EST 2006

Nothing replaces observation.
Crawl underneath and look.
They both *should* be 90mm flanges, but I'm here, and it's sitting in 
your backyard. You're closer.

Stop solenoids generally don't act up as long as the wiring to it is 
good.  Check this, as that is an unfused circuit... if it falls off and 
goes to ground you have other worries like wire harness fire.  Many of 
us correct the lack of fuse.
When did you change the fuel filter last?


Christopher Turnbull wrote:
> I have a couple of questions about my '91 NA Golf diesel that I would  
> appreciate some thoughts on. It has a .89 5th gear, leaving me  
> perpetually wanting to shift into higher gear. I've been thinking  
> about finding a lower 5th - say .75 - to replace what's there. I  
> haven't had much luck as yet in getting one. And then, I saw a recent  
> comment about using an FF transmission in a diesel. Well, it turns  
> out that I have a 1980 Rabbit with an FF thats been slowly dissolving  
> in the backyard. Gee whiz, could I already have the solution to my  
> own problem? Is there any problem swapping a 1980 transmission into  
> 1991, like flange sizes, etc?
> On another matter, the Golf has started to act up lately - losing  
> power momentarily in 5th gear. Shifting into 4th, it picks right up  
> again. It never stalls. Could this be the solenoid acting up -  
> electrical connection? Or something dreadful?
> Appreciate any assistance,
> Chris
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