[Vwdiesel] FF transmission swap

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 11:20:38 EST 2006

Hi Chris-

Likely the flange sizes are different, but really
swapping them isn't that big of a deal.

As long, as you should know by now, as the circlips
for the flanges are reinstalled correctly!!

Anyway, here is a shot of a flange tool being used
that is very simply made:

Really, it is just a piece of flat metal with a hole
drilled to accomodate the bolt.  There is a hole to
thread the bolt into in the middle of the flange.  The
flat metal is pushing on two of the CV bolts.  You
might want to pick up a couple washers for the middle
bolt for some adjustability.

I seem to recall a mention that 5th gear is accessable
and replaceable with the transmission in the car, but
can't say for sure.  I'm sure someone else will
comment on that.

Good luck,


--- Christopher Turnbull <cturn at netscape.ca> wrote:
 Is there any problem swapping a 1980
> transmission into  
> 1991, like flange sizes, etc?

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