[Vwdiesel] No heat at my feet

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Wed Nov 15 22:28:11 EST 2006

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> Loren, No AC

  With non AC controls then you have simple cable controls for your 
heat flappers.  Heat runs an actual valve, in-line, under the hood.
The top left controls a flapper for foot flow, the top right for defrost.  
Outward is more, centered is next to none but lots out the fresh air 
vents on either end of the dash!  (Similar controls in many earlier 
Porsches and VW's)
  If you're not getting heat to your feet then either the cable housing 
has come loose and isn't moving the flapper, the control end mechanism 
is broken and letting the housing move or the arm on the end of the 
flapper is broken.  End 90-90 bent end of the cable could be broken 
as well.  Sit in the seat upside down and have a look!  ;-)

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