[Vwdiesel] All Wheel Drive VWs

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Nov 16 01:36:41 EST 2006

For the transverse engined cars, you are looking for what was called a 
4-motion powertrain.  Viscous coupled all wheel drive.
These are like finding hen's teeth.
Same deal in longitudinal engined vehicles was called synchro.
Common in vans.

Or just get a VW Iltis.

It gets around pretty well offroad.

It would take some measuring, but I bet a spare Iltis powertrain would 
fit into a Fox or Quantum

Stephen Kraus wrote:
> I recently picked up another diesel, this time a rabbit, and being an avid
> off roader, I was curious.
> Are there any AWD trannys available for VW vehicles, and are they swappable
> with the 80's models?

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