[Vwdiesel] All Wheel Drive VWs

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Yes and no. There were several models offered overseas with AWD, usually 
called "rallye" versions. You can try to locate one of these. There was the 
Quantum Syncro, but this used a conventional mounted engine, and was more or 
less just an "Audi 4000 wagon" (But slightly larger, with a different rear 
suspension setup).

More recently, you can use the trans out of an Audi TT Quattro. Mechanically 
a rebodied Golf/Jetta/Bug. Transverse engine, and the bellhousing should be 
the same as the VW's. However, I haven't had one apart to see about the 
clutch/transmission arrangement.

Tony Hoffman

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>I recently picked up another diesel, this time a rabbit, and being an avid
> off roader, I was curious.
> Are there any AWD trannys available for VW vehicles, and are they 
> swappable
> with the 80's models?
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