[Vwdiesel] HELP - WHEEL FELL OFF !!!

S. Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Fri Nov 17 23:41:47 EST 2006

Area31 Research Facility wrote:

>I say again, get a lawyer to fix it, and to get your $800 back.  I find 
>reading your posts painful.
While I can definitely feel the pain, in the end I would up eating the 
cost of my TDI head fiasco which some of you will remember.  I spoke to 
a lawyer who indicated that the legal costs would far outweigh the 
benefit to be derived (~$2500 in repairs, if done at the dealer).  In my 
case some time had passed after the initial work and the engine had been 
taken apart at the problem shop which conveniently destroyed what 
evidence I would have had.  You have better evidence and neatly 
photodocumented as well, so small claims might still be an option, but 
you're looking at convincing a judge who is most likely not mechanically 
inclined that circlip "A" failed as a result of neanderthal "B" causing 
"X, Y, and Z".  I have no appetite for disputes, so I probably gave up 
too soon, but I decided that for me, at least, there's the platonic 
ideal of justice and then there's the version where the little guy takes 
it in the head.  I do, however, hope that someone out there has had more 
positive experiences to counterbalance my shopworn pessimism. 

Weird thing for me is that I'm really surprised that they haven't used 
up more money in work time than a used tranny (installed by SOMEONE 
ELSE) would have cost. 

>>let this be one final lesson to me, yet again:
>>NEVER let anyone work on your rig, EVER, except for you
That's exactly the conclusion that I came to after my own troubles, and 
that's why this list has been critical to my still being on the road.  I 
make a lot of mistakes, too, but at least I don't charge myself $50/hr. 
to do it and then deny all responsibility. 

I hope that it turns out well and do post which transmission you need.  
I've been looking through transmissions for one of my own projects.  You 
never know what you can find. 


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