[Vwdiesel] HELP - WHEEL FELL OFF !!!

Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Sun Nov 19 15:43:25 EST 2006

could that be PC 7 ? great stuff, it takes a long time to set, but once 
it has, it's on there for good. I've used it on different projects, 
even used it once to plug a hole in a motorcycle case.
On Nov 19, 2006, at 2:39 PM, James Hansen wrote:

> JB weld, but that's a bit runny, it sticks to aluminum, but since it's 
> a
> mechanical bond, you have to roughen the aluminum with any glue, like 
> at
> 60 grit or so.
> A very god product is a Devcon product called Magic Bond and another
> that has more metal filler in the mix, I forget the name.
> Final clean with isopropal alcohol, thin with same if necessary.
> It woudl hold for a loooong time ROlf.
> -James
> Rolf Pechukas wrote:
>>> Rolf Pechukas wrote:
>>>>> welder tried to repair his weld, but apparently it still leaks,
>>>>> and maybe worse than before. Guys are waiting now for their second
>>>>> epoxy fix to harden so they can fill tranny case again.
>>> Epoxy is a poor choice for an oil pan or transmission because it
>>> softens
>>> at high temperatures, and then will crack. The slightest crack will
>>> then
>>> let oil leak out.
>>> When I broke my oil pan, I had it removed from the van and then
>>> took it
>>> to a company that specialized in aluminum welding. They did a
>>> marvelous
>>> job, even smoothing the bead so it hardly looks any different than
>>> stock. No leaks at all.
>>> -- Lee Hart
>> anyone have any recommendations for goop to use when/if this epoxy
>> fails?
>> I know epoxy has poor high-temp performance - told the garage guys
>> that - another time they didn't listen
>> I think doing a proper weld is something I'd rather avoid until/
>> unless the tranny needs a rebuild
>> then I can dip the case and do it right
>> in the meantime I want to limp along somehow
>> any suggestions welcome
>> Rolf in MA
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