[Vwdiesel] Gauging Interest-Squareback talk

Kurt Nolte syncronized_turbo at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 26 21:18:15 EST 2006

Did a little cleanup, only David's last reply is below; the rest of it 
was kinda garbled at this point anyway.

Sounds like a decent trade, at least; floor pan rot is the most serious 
rust damage, in my opinion, but only if it's rot-through or seriously 
pitted. Those pans are most of the structure of those cars, especially 
important on the bigger Bus and T3 bodies. I'll shoot you a private 
e-mail to discuss it's possibly leaving.

One of the problems with just raising the body on these cars is those 
axles. On a swingaxle, obviously you want to try keeping the same swing 
and "rest" positions because of how stiff they are, to keep proper wear 
patterns on the tires. But on the IRS it's almost as important, so as 
not to exceed what those CVs are setup for during normal driving.

Don't really have much time left, have to head in to work. I might throw 
some more out tomorrow morning.


David Cook wrote:
> Man, the '66 would be pretty nice!  (Uh, after a
> resto...)
> I got it probably 4 years ago or so.  A guy asked me
> about my beetle in a Best Buy parking lot upon seeing
> the outlet I had installed in the rear quarter window.
> [side note, your honor]  If you want to know why I had
> an outlet installed in the rear quarter window of my
> beetle, check out this shot:
> <http://rides.webshots.com/photo/1047799439034709434cYRrBN>
> It was originally on the front page of the newspaper.
> Anyway, we got to talking and I mentioned my very
> rusted out '65 Beetle 'vert.  I had disassembled it to
> attempt restoration and found much more rust than I
> originally thought.
> I also mentioned that I'd like to find a different VW
> model than just beetles (all I had experience with at
> that point).  
> He mentioned a buddy with a '66 squareback, and a
> trade was arranged.
> The 'back is in overall pretty complete, restorable
> shape.  I think the only real rust is the floor pans,
> the rest of the body is very solid.  At the time, I
> just figured that I was trading a very rusty project
> for a much less rusty project.
> I think it has most of, if not all its parts.  As I
> mentioned, I've got a complete-looking engine, as well
> as all the t-3 specific cooling, etc parts for another
> engine and I know there is a case tapped for t-3 oil
> filler in the barn.
> If anyone is interested, I'll try to snap a few shots
> next time I'm at my parent's house.  They wouldn't
> mind seeing it leave!
> It does have a manual trans, and is a light blue. 
> Also has a sunroof!
> For yours, how badly would it mess up the suspesnion
> geometry if you readjusted the torsion bars?  Wouldn't
> the IRS suspension be less affected by this?
> Maybe you could do like you said, split the
> difference.  Then, build the slightly higher engine
> lid to fit the new clearances, and use something to
> raise the height (thick sheet of plywood?) of the rest
> of the bed slightly to match, so then carpeting or
> whatever could be installed and you wouldn't have that
> poking up through the cargo area.
> Man, talking about Squarebacks makes me want to go get
> the '66, but that simply isn't feasable at this point.
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