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Kurt Nolte syncronized_turbo at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 27 09:42:01 EST 2006

Done some nosing around for weights; the 1.9 diesel block comes up @ 
298# from what I've been able to find. The 1600 flat-four is ~210, so 
there's around 90# of difference in weight if I were to go with the 
bigger 1.9 diesel. I think the 1.6 is a bit lighter? Not too much 
difference really. It would probably be possible to then turn around and 
add weight in front of the axle to reduce any increase in oversteer. A 
little weight would add up fast; coolant tubes running up the heater 
channels, spare parts up in the extreme front end, a pair of 25# 
fly-irons up directly over the front wheels...


William J Toensing wrote:
> I have read with interest, discussion of installing a diesel engine in an aircooled squareback. Such a conversion is beyond my capabilities. However, there is one aspect of this conversion I have not seen discussed. What is the weight difference between the aircooled VW engine & the VW diesel engine? If the diesel weighs a lot more, you may increase oversteer, a safety issue, especially with the VW swing axels. Remember the Corvair & Ralph Nader? GM corrected this problem by installing a camber comphensator in the 1964 Corvair & a fully independant rear suspension in the 1965 thru 1969 models. There also was a station wagon model Corvair as well as a pickup & van in the first series, '61 thru '63 I think. Have you considered putting a VW diesel in a Corvair? You might have a little more room to work with & a front end that might more easily accomodate a radiator.
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