[Vwdiesel] rubber 2.0L gasser valve cover gaskets works great!

Matthew mpteleski at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 27 19:23:35 EST 2006

Folks, just a random tidbit of info- 
I just did a head job on a 82 diesel westy and used a
rubber valve cover gasket instead of the cork variety.
I needed to change out the head studs to remove the
shoulder, but now am using a re-usable valve cover
gasket that doesn't leak like the cork variety with
the 2 aux. rubber pieces for around the cam ends.

It was from a 2.0L gasser ABA engine, but may come
with others too. Cost was $4, or about a buck more
than the cork one.

just a FYI.

down to 4 buses, from 7 three weeks ago.

"may the four winds blow you safely home"

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