[Vwdiesel] 5-speed trans wanted

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AS smokey Yannick (spelling?)used to say, Horsepower sells cars but  
torque wins races!  The old VW diesel engines put out less than 100  
lb/ft of torque, as your gas engine does.  the TDI starts around 185  
lb/ft and if chipped can easily exceed 200.  The one person that I  
have followed on the Vortex that used the FF had basically destroyed  
it in less than a year and was going to do an 02A swap to bring down  
the rpms and match the power band better.  Fifth gear on the TDI 02A  
is 0.755 with a final drive of 3.157 and that is very different from  
the FF or FN.  Hayden

On Nov 27, 2006, at 2:47 PM, B & R Decker wrote:

> Hi Hayden;
> 	An FF or FN will take any abuse a TDI can produce. The FF or FN
> tranny made after 08 1980 will have a .71 5th gear with a 3.89  
> final and I
> don't think your stock tranny behind your TDI is any taller. Also I  
> have run
> many many thousands of miles with an FF with a gas engine running  
> about 120
> horses. I can't count how many times I have revved the engine to 6  
> grand and
> dropped the clutch in friendly drags. I have an 1800 cc 9 to 1  
> compression
> engine with an Audi 90 head 270 cam, TT long down pipe and a 2.25  
> exhaust
> system, etc. I believe I'm running about 120 horses. With the  
> 195-50-15
> tires I'm running on my 81 pickup 3000 rpm is 73 mph and 70 mph is  
> 2865. The
> truck runs well enough that I beat my friends 90 Passat 2 ltr 16  
> valve in
> all 5 gears. All the hassle of using the newer tranny isn't going  
> to gain
> anything except frustration over using a stock FF tranny that takes  
> nothing
> more than one piece of 5 speed linkage to fit in place of the four  
> speed.
> 	I will probably put my diesel pickup on the road by next spring with
> a WVO heated second tank. About the only way the diesel engine will  
> pencil
> out is with free or almost free fuel. With the added cost of diesel  
> over gas
> at the present time it just doesn't seem to me to be worth the  
> problems of
> diesel. I have 120 horse gas engine with lots of acceleration and I  
> get 30
> mpg + on the highway the fact that a diesel would get 45 mpg just  
> doesn't
> seem to pencil out at the present time. VW diesel engine means  
> added cost of
> parts more blown head gaskets and lack of power.
> Brian Decker
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> The TDI will work with an FN or FF trans but....rpms may be a  
> little high
> and more importantly, you will probably tear it apart with the  
> torque of the
> TDI.  In my truck conversion, I used the stock 02A trans from my  
> Passat
> Donor car.  You will have to source or manufacture mounts for the  
> front
> (drivers side) and rear of the trans as the stock ones won't work.   
> Look on
> VWvortex, these things come up for sale from time to time on  
> there.  Then
> you will have to decide if you are going to go with a hydraulic clutch
> system (more fabrication) or switchout for a cable system like was  
> used on
> European Eurovans.  This uses a mechanism to take the place of the  
> hydraulic
> actuator, a clutch cable and a transmission mounted cable guide/ 
> brace (no
> longer available but easy to fabricate).  Then you have to mount  
> the cable
> shifter and decide if you want it on top of the tunnel or below (I  
> opted for
> on top).  So there are many decisions that will have to be made.   
> If you
> have a good sturdy FF or FN available, or can get it rebuilt, then  
> you can
> survive with it for a time.  Look on my website for more  
> information on my
> Caddy TDI swap.  Hayden
> http://mysite.verizon.net/resosxp8/mydieselpages/id14.html
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>>  Maybe Hayden can pipe in here.  :-)  You'll want a later, TDI's 5  
>> speed
>> to be happy with the
>> whole thing.  The TDI likes much lower cruising rpm than the Older  
>> IDI
>> engines do.  With that
>> comes the cable shifter swap-in also.
>>     Loren
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>> Subject: [Vwdiesel] 5-speed trans wanted
>> Just signed on this list today.  Tried to post this want ad  
>> earlier, but
>> apparently sent it before I was officially a member!  Here goes  
>> again.  My
>> son
>> has an '82 Rabbit pickup in the midst of a TDI engine conversion.   
>> The
>> truck has
>> the 4-speed trans and he would like to install a 5-speed...any btdt,
>> advice, or
>> ideas where he might find one?  He lives in the San Jose, CA area.
>> Thanks, Tom
>> Donohue
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