[Vwdiesel] 1985 1.6TD Jetta recently acquired

MLightner mikel at buncombe.main.nc.us
Wed Nov 29 18:01:00 EST 2006

Tony and Lillie wrote:

>> 3).  Judging from the reading I've been doing, the timing belt seems to
>> be properly tensioned, and
>> doesn't seem to be showing any overt signs of impending failure, is it
>> possible that the belt could
>> have 'plenty of life left in it', assuming that it was replaced during
>> the rebuild?  I guess there's no way to tell for sure, but thought I'd
>> ask in case there actually is a way.
>> Mike, in NC
> Check it for cracks on both sides. Also, look at the smooth side and 
> see if it looks smooth and shiny, or more of a rough finish. As with 
> all belts, as they wear, they get shiny on that side from running on 
> the intermediate shaft and tensioner.
> Tony Hoffman
I haven't found any areas on it with cracks, but the smooth side looks 
kind of striped, with some of the striped strips being more or less 
shiny than adjacent stripes - not a hint of any numbers, as another 
poster mentioned to look for.

Thanks for your help,


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