[Vwdiesel] 1985 1.6TD Jetta reciently acquired

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 29 18:54:50 EST 2006

Since the SDF line of filters from AMSOIL are no longer available, they have
developed the new EaO line of filters which from my understanding from what
I have been reading about them on the net and the feed back I have been
getting from Dyson Analysis who I use to read my oil samples, the new EaO
filters are an excellent filter and show what modern technology has done in
that field. Terry Dyson has been getting oil samples in from other customers
using the new EaO filters and it has been showing promising results. He
asked if I could get one for my 91 jetta when I sent in my recent sample.

My other concern is the factory replacement Mahle OC51 filter has a by-pass
pressure of 30psi where as the EaO15 only has a by-pass pressure of 7 to 10
psi. Would this be a wise choice to use? Is the oil system on the 1.6L
diesel touchy in that area? I know all it means is that the filter goes into
bypass at that pressure, so if it gets to that point then all your doing is
running non filtered oil through your engine. Seems to me that the German
engineers made it that setting for a reason and that is why there is no
listing for this particular filter in the EaO line, wix yes but not EaO. I
hesitate to install a filter just because it has all the physical
characteristics of the original filter but isn't 100% on construction to
include the by-pass setting as well.  I guess I'm just paranoid. The price
for Mann/Mahle filters from Autohauz.com are inexpensive and are well
constructed filters and designed for that application.

Don't use Fram or cheap aftermarket filters.  Amsoil makes an excellent oil
filter. In addition to Wix I would add Baldwin & Hastings oil filters. I
bought a new Rabbit diesel in 1979 & after the warranty was over, I
installed a 100 psi oil pressure gage. The gage would peg at starting.
Somewhere I had heard the Rabbit diesel had much higher oil pressure at
startup than 100 psi. I obtained a 200 psi oil pressure gage & as I recall,
but that is 26 years ago, that on startup the gage would read 180 psi &
would peg the gage at 200 when RPM was slightly increased but when warm, the
gage would drop to 25 psi at idle. I ran Amsoil 10W40 SE/CD synthetic oil at
the time. Moral: Use a high quality filter. I had a 1985 Mazda 626 diesel &
once tried a Fram filter & it leaked. Amsoil did not make an oil filter they
would recommend for my Mazda so I used the factory filter. I have an '81
Dasher diesel which has the same diesel engine as the Rabbits of the same
vintage & takes an Amsoil SDF 15 oil filter. Your '85 might take a different
filter so check this out before ordering. I use Amsoil products whenever I

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