[Vwdiesel] 1985 1.6TD Jetta recently acquired

MLightner mikel at buncombe.main.nc.us
Wed Nov 29 19:49:52 EST 2006

82 Diesel Westy wrote:

>Sounds like a good deal, this is my 2 pennies.
>* Inspect timing belt as noted, no need to change if
>looks good.
Yeah, but, how do I define 'looks good'  :  )

>* the oil should not have done to much harm, but only
>a compression test will tell.  You can not get a
>diesel compression tester for like $40 to your door on
>e-bay, invest in it.
I went to the local Harbor Freight the other day and saw the one they 
have on sale for about $18, I wonder how it is... I went there to get a 
vaccuum  gun  to bleed the brakes with, but ended up figuring on just 
using a big syringe and some tubing instead. All this made in China crap 
is really depressing sometimes...

>  Do a compression test to put
>your mind at ease.  Take time, but worth doing if you
>want it for a daily driver.  Let us know what the
>readings are.
I will, once I get a tester...the suspense is killing me already

>* Have the injectors tested for spray pattern and
>breaking pressure of 155 bar.  Not expensive.
>I just used Antrim Diesel Service in western PA, great
>place and very reasonable, $6 to test an injector, $15
>to open it up and re-shim it to proper specs.
>I made the mistake of getting a re-man injector, bag
>said 155 bar turbo, but he injector was a NA injector
>at 130 bar.  Sent it back to the Parts Place, they
>say, oh, it is fine, it has been rebuilt to TD specs,
>not enough TD injectors around anymore so they use 130
>bar NA injector bodies, not unheard of, OK.  They send
>it back to me for free.  I wanted to get my other
>injectors tested, so sent this re-man injector to get
>tested as well.  It was not a turbo injector at all,
>so Antrim rebuilt if for me, I paid 2 times for all
>this.  Parts Place would not refund the price of the
That is surely a pisser, just typical behavior in the business world 
today...I'll remember that Parts Place...

>  I should have has Antrim Diesel service
>rebuild my leaking original injector.  Ahh
>Antrim Diesel Service
>47 Commerce Ave.
>Greencastle, PA  17225
>717-597-7963, ask for Kevin, he is the vw diesel head.
The only local place that used to do that kind of thing closed down  a 
few years ago - I think there may be a couple decent diesel service 
places about 60 miles south of me, I'll look into that ...

>* If 12mm head bolts, stretch type, I would not
>re-tourque them.
>Bryan from NJ
Thanks Bryan,

Mike  in NC

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