[Vwdiesel] How important is the cold start handle?

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 01:49:19 EST 2006

More importantly, would not having a working cold
start timing advance make my diesel very difficult to
start after sitting 6-7 hours in 20-25 degree temps?

After sitting that long in those temps, the Cabby
didn't want to start up to go to the car wash.  (See
next post...)  I plugged it in for a couple hours and
it started easily.

I've got the cable and handle that would be proper for
my Cabriolet dash on the way, but am wondering if
there are any other issues I need to be chasing down
or if that (no advance) is enough to cause such
difficulty in such weather?

Thoughts welcome,


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