[Vwdiesel] Whew!!

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 01:56:26 EST 2006

I just made the reference to needing to go to the
carwash in very cold weather.  

Here's why:

Yesterday, I noticed a puddle under the Cabriolet.  I
looked and saw watery liquid dripping off the power
steering pump.  I thought, Aww Man!  I don't want to
change a water pump!  It's cold!

Then this morning I realized that I had the hose off
the back of the pump not too long ago, and thought
maybe it was simply a little loose.

So, I put the car on ramps to investigate.  I really
thought it was water, because I could touch the liquid
and smell it, and not smell anything.

However, in looking at the pump, it was clear that
fuell had been leaking out of the inlet line.  I
cranked down on the clamp a bit, and turned on the
ignition so the in-tank pump would go.  Sure enough,
somehow cranking on the clamp make the leak worse and
much more evident.

So, $3 and about 6 minutes worth of work later, I
finally have a clear line between the filter and pump!

Whew!  No having to replace a water pump for me! 
(knock on wood...)

So, I had to go to the car wash and clean all the
diesel fuel off the engine.  It was super cold with
the arctic air just billowing through the wash bay!

BTW, does the new ULSD fuel have less of a "diesel"
odor to it?  I couldn't smell it at all from what
dripped off the engine.


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