[Vwdiesel] Amsoil products

MLightner mikel at buncombe.main.nc.us
Thu Nov 30 08:31:37 EST 2006

William Toensing wrote:

> Don't use Fram or cheap aftermarket filters.  Amsoil makes an 
> excellent oil filter. In addition to Wix I would add Baldwin & 
> Hastings oil filters. I bought a new Rabbit diesel in 1979 & after the 
> warranty was over, I installed a 100 psi oil pressure gage. The gage 
> would peg at starting. Somewhere I had heard the Rabbit diesel had 
> much higher oil pressure at startup than 100 psi. I obtained a 200 psi 
> oil pressure gage & as I recall, but that is 26 years ago, that on 
> startup the gage would read 180 psi & would peg the gage at 200 when 
> RPM was slightly increased but when warm, the gage would drop to 25 
> psi at idle. I ran Amsoil 10W40 SE/CD synthetic oil at the time. 
> Moral: Use a high quality filter. I had a 1985 Mazda 626 diesel & once 
> tried a Fram filter & it leaked. Amsoil did not make an oil filter 
> they would recommend for my Mazda so I used the factory filter. I have 
> an '81 Dasher diesel which has the same diesel engine as the Rabbits 
> of the same vintage & takes an Amsoil SDF 15 oil filter. Your '85 
> might take a different filter so check this out before ordering. I use 
> Amsoil products whenever I can. If you want to find out more about 
> Amsoil synthetic oil & their other products go to www.amsoil.com . If 
> you want to buy Amsoil products & don't have a local dealer you can 
> order on line using my dealer number which is ZO#2185 & I will get 
> credit for the sale. If you want to order on line or over the phone 
> you need some dealer's ZO number to order product unless you are a 
> dealer yourself.
> -------------------------

Thanks for the info, and the dealer # - has anyone used Amsoil's gear 
oil? I'd like to go with a synthetic gear oil for both my van and the 
Jetta, and naturally am looking for the 'cheapest and best', I'veonly 
read about Red-line products so far.



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