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> Thanks for the info, and the dealer # - has anyone used Amsoil's gear 
> oil? I'd like to go with a synthetic gear oil for both my van and the 
> Jetta, and naturally am looking for the 'cheapest and best', I'veonly 
> read about Red-line products so far.

  I have.  I have the orchard as a farm dealer for Amsoil so I get 
a discount when I buy.  Really sold Dad on the gear oil although 
he hasn't used any of it.  It's not quite as thin as the Redline but 
is MUCH thinner than regular 80W/90 and with the discount, not 
much more either.  
  When I put the 1.5 together, the int. bearings were TIGHT.  I worked 
and worked them down but it was still tight.  I wanted to get some wear 
marks to see where they were still high and also to see if I couldn't 
wear them in a little.  Couldn't turn the shaft even with the pulley on it!  
We tried about every oil and lube in the shop and then I remembered a 
nearly empty Amsoil GL-4 bottle under the bench.  The best we could get 
so far was just able to turn it with the pulley or maybe a wrench on the 
bolt.  Put some Amsoil on it and it was fairly easy to turn by hand with 
the pulley!  I then tried working one of the new pistons up and down the 
bore.  Quite scratchy and difficult, as a new piston would be.  With the 
block sitting top down, I wiped a little in the bore and tried it.  Second 
time and I about fell over because it came up so fast and easily!  Impressed 
Dad a bunch!

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